Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Roxiecakes is Changing!

Hello Roxiecakes Fans & Friends! Just a short note to thank everyone for following along with me on this baking adventure I started almost 2 years ago!

With the success of Roxiecakes I couldn't shake my nagging obsession for special events, and not just the dessert side of things...thus I have launched my new business and merged all of my abilities & interests under one big happy umbrella...(drumroll please).........I give you....Jennifer Stafford Events!

I hope that you will join me on this new endeavor and visit my new site & blog!
You can reach me at OR
Call me at 604-836-9419
I will be tweaking the site over the next month or so, so please check back for updates (just getting the hang of the whole building a web-site thingy)!

JSE is happy to provide more of a 'one-stop event shop'; I can assist you with the planning of your event, the onsite execution of your event, and of course providing the sweets!

Looking forward to hearing from you all on my new blog - please feel free to stop by and say 'hi' and of course leave your comments.

Have a great day & sweet regards,


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  1. Congratulations! No doubt you will be very successful with your one-stop event shop!