Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ma-Jong Cake

When I first got an email requesting a ma-jong cake or cupcakes I was thrilled! What a cool design concept, and a certainly something I remember from my childhood. I can't say I've ever really learned how to play Ma-Jong, but I have played the computer version, and have used these beautiful tiles like building blocks.
My aunt used to have a Ma-Jong board in her basement; at family functions we'd always sneak away to 're-arrange' the game that was already laid out ;) as well as build big Ma-Jong towers and marvel at the little images on the tiles.

So I had a great time making this cake, it brought back some great childhood memories of me and my halfie-siblings & cousins, and I was able to borrow my parents Ma-Jong set for inspiration....when I brought this home, I was shocked to find that my husband had never heard of it!

Its a mango cake, baked with fresh pureed mangos, and filled with italian meringue buttercream.
The tiles and game pieces are fondant & gumpaste, hand painted, and drawn with edible paint & pens.

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