Friday, August 27, 2010

The Baked From Scratch List

Wahoo! Roxiecakes Creations has been added to The Baked From Scratch List

A bit about Baked From Scratch:

Do you realise how many bakeries in your area, including those super expensive specialty cake stores, use prepackaged mixes to create their products?
You might be on this page because you clicked on the BFS logo. So here's what it's about.
Below is a list of bakers, both professionals and enthusiasts, who take pride in letting you know that all their items are baked from scratch. That means we don't take any shortcuts or use any mixes.
We do it for the taste, the skill, the quality and to preserve the traditions. And we want you to know it.

Its mostly run on the honor system for those bakers that truly do bake from scratch.
No offense to Betty Crocker, or Duncan Hines, etc... but for me there is nothing better than a scratch recipe.
Rather than including a laundry list of ingredients, preservatives, color, etc.. I much prefer to use real butter, pure vanilla, free range eggs, fresh cream, real chopped chocolate...and all of those good old fashioned ingredients. Its nice to be able to tell my clients exactly what's in their baked goodies, with nothing hidden in the fine print.

I can't say I've NEVER used a cake mix to make last minute treats for family, because they sure are convenient, but when it comes to my Roxiecakes Creations it is always home made from scratch.

This is also where you see the difference in price; rather than have a machine mix up a batch of prepared cake mix for me, like your commercially prepared cupcakes/cakes, I bake it from scratch, and create your custom goodies, with only the help of me, myself and I, while I could sure use a workshop full of elves...

So I am happy to join a long list of BFS'ers that are baking up only the best!

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