Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary (to me!)

My husband and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary this past weekend...cannot believe its been a year *tear* since this....

Anyway to celebrate the day I promised to put all cake related projects on hold...and we started out the day with a nice walk on Jericho Beach, then off to our neighborhood Milestones for brunch.
For the afternoon we took our Yorkie Samson canoeing on Widgeon Creek (so recommend this), and had a great day floating around and picnicing on the little spits of land along the way.

I also pulled out our wedding cake (which I made) from the freezer for a quick bite...supposed to be good luck, and hey, its tradition!
Here is the original cake set up:

And one year later:

It was just a little cake for cutting, and something I whipped up last minute. After all the planning and running around I didn't give our little cake enough thought, I really should have had someone else do the cake & cupcakes for me, but I was a stubborn DIY bride..but in hind sight it would have been a load off my shoulders..but it turned out well - and it still tasted great 1 year later!

For some fresh desserts, I made my hubby these little 'Love Pops'

All in all a great day.
Here is to many more anniversaries just like it- Happy Anniversary Honey!!
(okay I know its sappy!)

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